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  • 为什么Cica护肤成分那么神奇?

    积雪草(Centella asiatica) 的成份已经在各大的护肤品中使用了很长的时间,但现在它终于放在大家的焦点下,有效的用于治疗皮肤的愈合能力。

    当皮肤受到外部皮肤刺激时,例如:疤痕,发红,脱皮。 它将可能会形成一种皮肤敏感,而这些种种的警示正在告诉你,你的皮肤已经遇到麻烦了!然而,市面上各种琳琅满目的护肤产品。你真的知道什么天然护肤成份才可以帮助你解决这个问题吗?

    就算有着敏感肌肤,你仍然可以享受着各式各样的日常护肤程序,最重要的是,你需要知道抗敏感性皮肤的最佳成分是-积雪草(Cica-Centella Asiatica)。



    在韩国,积雪草(Centella Asiatica)被称

  • 哪一种护肤品更适合20s, 30s, 40s and 50s?



    你有意识到吗? 如果没有,你肯定错过日常生活中此等重要的护肤品成份。


  • Why Cica is the new magical skincare ingredient ?

    What is Centella Asiatica - Cica?

    Centella asiatica’s has been using in skincare for a long time, but it’s really getting its time in the spotlight at this moment. Centella Asiatica, in short, Cica, refers to its cicatrising or healing abilities to your skin.

    When skin irritated by external skin stimulation, eg: scarring, redness, dehydrated. It may become a form of sensitive skin, a red light occur to tell you that your skin get troubles! However, people try to stop it by using various skincare products in quick action.

    Thus, do you really know what ingredients really helps you to stop this problem?

  • Which skincare ingredients should I look for in my 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s?

    There’s a solid reason behind why moroccan argan oil had a huge surge of popularity in beauty industry. Not only benefit for hair, but also a true benefit for skin as a natural skin care product.

    Are you aware of it? Make sure you don't miss out the miracle benefits from argan oil!

    What is Argan Oil?