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Saviour for oily-dehydrated skin!  

Urban living can have serious effects on the skin and it is not just ultraviolet (UV) light that can weaken the skin health. Other pollutants, toxins and chemicals in the urban environment, along with the impact of urban lifestyle, such as increased stress, can all affect the skin. 

 Everyone needs natural oil to keep their skin supple and moisturized. What if your skin produce excess oil? It forms an oily skin type; shiny or greasy appearance. If you don’t treat it properly, it causes pores clogged and enlarged, accumulation of dead skin cells. Blackheads, pimples and unwanted glow! But do oily skin still needs extra care of hydrating? Why not?! Check it out now. The truth to have an oily skin! If you checked at least 6 conditions below, you have an oily dehydrated skin! 

1. By mid day, your skin is oily but it feels dry. 

2. Dry lips during the summer. 

3. Hair seems dry, but one day of non washing causes stickiness of scalp. 

4. Extra greasy around T-zone area. 

5. Hard to find cosmetics that suits you. 

6. Thin wrinkle under eyes and around mouth. 

7. Easily see large and small pores. 

8. Even after exfoliation, makeup still cakes up. 

9. Face feels extra dry after washing. 

10. Due to oily skin, your makeup clogs up. 

 What's oily dehydrated skin?  

Oily dehydrated skin problem is recognizable when the inner skin is dry or flaky but you still feel a layer of oil sitting on top. In fact, those with acne-prone or oily skin are more likely to suffer from dehydration as they often choose to use harsh products which strip the skin of moisture. If you suspect you have dehydrated skin, you may have to switch up your skincare routine. Nothing to worry about it now! Use lightweight and non pore-clogging products to hydrate your skin!

Thank You Farmer True Water Light series is a non-comedogenic moisture care line specially for oily/ combination skin. This means they don't clog pores! A fresh and hydrating products effectively for moisture charging, sebum control and pore tightening by controlling oil-water balance.

Thanks to the key ingredients: Inositol & Trehalose. Natural moisture vitamin B5, B8 extracted from rice bran & Moisture storage capacity of desert plant. The power for moisture retention and absorption of water-soluble vitamins with a long lasting effect! 3-Step moisturizing Care

 Do’s and Don’t if you have an oily skin! 


 1. Exfoliation Exfoliate dead skin cells gently without irritation 1 -2 times a week! 

 2. Use week acidic cleanser Week acidic cleanser’s prevent drying inner skin’s moisture. 

 3. Hydrating Toner Allow skin deeply hydrated! 

 4. Use oily-free gel type cream Cooling and fresh finish to lock in moisture. 


 1. Don’t Exfoliation everyday It may remove dead skin cell that shouldn’t be removed! Natural oil on outer layer that protects your skin. 

 2. Don’t use cleanser that strap away the moisture The more the cleanser strap away the moisture, it might cause skin to generate more oil to protect itself! 

 3. Don’t use products contain alcohol Continuously use of alcohol dries up skin and weakens skin barrier. 

 4.Don’t use products with high oil contents It may easily cause clog pores!

Conclusion:  Don’t ever lose hope if your oily skin is troubling you! The best prevention for oily skin is to find a consistent skin care routine that works, and to stick to it. There is always a solution for your zero defect skin. Remember ladies, everyone can have beautiful skin. It's just how you treat it. So know your skin and treat it accordingly!