Brand Story

THANK YOU FARMER will not promise miracles and magic spells. Even the most popular cosmetic cannot turn a 40-year-old woman’s skin back to baby skin. Even the most expensive products cannot correct your skin’s problems in a week. However, using products made of natural goodness regularly will help your skin restore its natural strength and slow the aging of cells. The way of becoming healthy and beautiful naturally and gradually without burdening the skin . " This is the honest promise of THANK YOU FARMER "

3 philosophies learned from the farmer
01. HONEST: Honest believing in the value of waiting. 02. EARNESTNESS: Sincerity with constant sincerity . 03. GRATITUDE: Gratitude for the life-bearing nature .
Cosmetics made with farmer's heart

Thank You Farmer makes cosmetics with the heart of an honest farmer who does not wish for good luck. Not as quickly as possible, but slowly day by day, naturally without straining the skin, making healthy skin so balanced.

# We promise you the true beauty that shines through time.